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Robert Newton (763) 245-4504

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Robert teaches beginning to advanced banjo students.

Beginners will work on basic technique, reading, note playing, chords, and rolls.

Intermediate students will work on reading in higher positions, more difficult rolls, expanding chord vocabulary, and banjo solos. Students who practice very diligently will be able to work on some stylistic songs/techniques of their choosing.

Advanced students will work on reading in any and all positions, complex rolls, music theory, studying scales on the fretboard, rolling scales, and improvisation. Many advanced students will specialize in a particular style of banjo playing that will inform the lesson.

Progress on an instrument is relative to how much a student practices. Students who wish to progress quickly should expect to maintain a daily practice schedule. Practice sessions don't necessarily need to be long. 20 minutes a day can go a lot farther than 140 minutes split up between two days of the week. It is especially important for beginners to play every day so they can build up the proper strength, coordination, and flexibility in their hands.